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Here I would like to give credit to some of the people who have made PlumpOS possible and have influcenced the project significantly.
Jean-David Marrow
  Jean-David created clump/os, "a CD-based Linux/MOSIX mini-distribution designed to allow users to quickly, or temporarily, add nodes to a MOSIX cluster". PlumpOS was made to resemble ClumpOS as closely as possible at first, but during development PlumpOS was worked over several times and now the resemblance is not very close. Still, PlumpOS strives to accomplish the same goal as clump/os (using openMosix instead of MOSIX of course) and will never forget who originally inspired this project.
Donna Hawthorne
  An artist who contributed her work on the official PlumpOS logo. The logo was based on a sketch by another contribting artist named Mark Riedesel and then re-sketched and colored.
Mirko Caserta
  A very nice guy who contributed much needed help in many ways to the project, including most of the documentation, organizing of the downloads, setting up cvs, funding, etc. Logo