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Why You Should Give Me Stuff

I love to code. If I could i'd be writing programs and creating network services all the time. But unfortunately, that's not a reality. Developing PlumpOS takes lots of my free time and resources and leaves me, well, hungry (since paying for food is somewhat of a difficulty when working for free).

Donating to myself and the project helps development to continue at a steady pace as well as to improving the project as a whole. When you donate, you also get to suggest a specific feature or 3rd party package to go into the next beta/official release.

I also provide custom open-source support services (try and say that three times fast) but these are separate from donations and those that wish for these other services should contact me in private.
No donations are being accepted at this time.

People Who Have Donated

Olivier Piardon 2004/03/19 Yamaha CRW4260 4x2x6 CD-RW burner (broken) -> returned
  2004/03/26 Yamaha CRW8824S 8x8x24 CD-RW burner (broken) -> returned
Mirko Caserta ? More than $100
Mirko Caserta ? $50 to $100 Logo