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Thu Aug 07 2008
  End of an era

The openMosix project is officialy over since March 2008 and PlumpOS retired.
Thanks to all our users :)

P. Willis & A. Gouny
Tue Feb 1 17:14:23 EST 2005
  Project Updates

Well, I have tested PlumpOS on a variety of machines and most of them seem to boot and migrate jobs properly. All that's left is to fix the last few issues in my TODO and prepare the floppy branch. All three branches will be updated at release time. Documentation will be provided for each part of PlumpOS upon release, though it will be brief until the HOWTO is completed. Keep a sharp eye out for more news soon!
Thu Dec 16 01:31:27 EST 2004
  Project Updates

I am preparing the 7.0-pre3 release kernels and openMosix-tools now. Hopefully I can get a release-quality ISO out before 2005 (two updates in one year! i should really pace myself...). It's been seven months since the last big update, and again not much has changed. I've been slowly tweaking, bug-fixing, and adding to the X11 Terminal Edition and it's slowly becoming a respectable bootable CD. I'm trying to add hardware support where I can which is not supported in other bootable CDs, such as new wireless chipsets using the madwifi drivers. X11 detection may work better now. Oh, and i'm dropping openMosix.

That's right, after the next release (edit: after the next "final" release) PlumpOS will no longer support openMosix. There may be one or two additional bug-fixing releases with openMosix kernels, but after that the project is going in a different direction. OpenMosix simply is not at a point that could be considered useful on a large scale. Other projects exist which already fulfill many of the shortcomings of openMosix and appear to be a little more stable. PlumpOS will still continue to be primarily a bootable CD for cluster slave nodes; the ISO will continue to be simple to modify, so those stuck with openMosix will still be able to add the proper patched kernels and user tools on their own. More details will come soon.
Sun May 16 14:55:29 EDT 2004
  Announcing PlumpOS X Term Ed. !

So I was bored and created a little sub-PlumpOS project called PlumpOS X11 Terminal Edition. Basically it's the same as PlumpOS with a few minor changes and package additions such as ssh, an X server, some custom scripts, etc. With it you can start an X server on the PlumpOS machine and log into an ssh server and run X apps over ssh, so you have a secured remote desktop! It's not very fast or pretty but it gets the job done. Fixes and new features in these releases will go into the next PlumpOS releases.
Tue Mar 16 07:25:46 PST 2004
  What PlumpOS 7.0-pre3 will includes

Just for information, I'm currently working on the next -pre release that will includes:
New kernels, with new names, Migshm support and a lot of patches in them
Some improvments in init, bugfixes and I hope, a first package: distcc

I have some work and exams also but I hope releasing this at the beginning of April.
Mon Mar 8 02:33:38 EST 2004
  PlumpOS 7.0-pre2 Released

I'm a bit late again with the announcements, but here it is: PlumpOS 7.0-pre2.
"Auto-eject is back" release
With new kernels, SMP support, auto-eject feature, bugfixes, updates and a nice boot logo :)
See the ChangeLog for details and please report any bugs here.
Mon Mar 1 15:48:44 EST 2004
  PlumpOS 7.0-pre1 Released

The PlumpOS Development Team would like to announce PlumpOS 7.0-pre1 - the "PlumpOS is not dead!" release.

This version of PlumpOS is the first one since I (Peter Willis) stopped active development. It's a -pre release, mainly for test purposes. Only the i486 kernel image is available.

Big thanks to Aurelien Gouny for putting together this release. There's a slew of changes, and among them:
   Updated openMosix userspace tools to 0.3.5
   Updated busybox, isolinux, etc
   openMosix 2.4.22 kernel, with unnecessary options trimmed off
   Completely redesigned boot procedure and init scripts
   Tmpfs root filesystem that adapts size to your use
See the rest of the changelog at

   i486 PC or equivalent
   32M RAM
   IDE CDROM drive
   PCI/ISA(/USB?) network card
   DHCP server on network

Remember this is a pre-release, so please report any bugs to:
Mon Jan 19 17:11:25 EST 2004
  Project Status

Effective February 1 2004, I (Peter Willis) will stop active development on PlumpOS; I have no more free time to work on it further it seems. I will be posting a snapshot of my development so far though so if anyone wants they can work up their own system based off PlumpOS or take over development of PlumpOS. It seems a thin distro like PlumpOS would still be useful to many people so I encourage any developers to contact me if they need any more information.
Tue Sep 9 14:54:26 EDT 2003
  Project Status Update

PlumpOS is steadily moving towards its next release. The tentative release date is for the beginning of next month, but the usual "it's ready when it's ready" time limit applies.

This release will include the usual redesign from scratch because the lead developer (Me) lost the entire development tree on a bad drive. It's cool though; this release PlumpOS will be managed from source instead of thrown together binaries and will probably use CVS a lot more to prevent this sort of problem in the future. There's a whole slew of changes and new features that will be on the final release. Some of them include:
* Reverting to shell script-driven booting
* Improved handling of storage medium use and loading of 3rd party packages
* Improved hardware detection
* Fixed support for SCSI, Wireless and other nifty hardware
The TODO includes such nifty additions as passwordless SSH, distributed password recovery program, distcc support, floppy-based booting and micro PlumpOS nodes, kernels patched to support new 3COM 3C940 GIG-E card drivers, auto-detection of swap partitions, a (slightly) improved omdiscd, etc.
updated 10-30-03
Fri Aug 1 09:52:35 EDT 2003
  Hello all! The project isn't dead after all ;) With the lack of donations and need for doing projects which would actually provide a living for yours truly, i've been unable to update the project much. But i've decided to make a new release fairly soon. Some of the many changes will include replacing plumpinit with some basic shell scripts, the addition of distcc and several compiler versions, a distributed password recovery app, a remote shell, and hopefully some audio/video applications to help in processing media in a cluster. If you're interested in helping out to get this release done as best it can be, email me ( and let me know if you'd like to help.

Some people have said that PlumpOS isn't necessary anymore with the introduction of ClusterKnoppix, but I think PlumpOS still has it's place. If you want a no-frills openMosix bootable CD to instantly add nodes to your existing cluster, PlumpOS is as good an option as any other.
Fri Apr 18 05:28:19 EDT 2003  
  Not much news except to say that we are in need of a C developer to help fix PlumpInit bugs. I'm the only one at the moment and i have a few new projects which will be taking priority over PlumpOS. If you have any experience in C, email me and let me know if you're interested. Also, i've just opened up the PlumpOS web store which is a new alternative for those wishing to donate to this open source project. So far we've got a spiff little T-Shirt and assorted items and in the future will probably be providing PlumpOS CDs (for stable releases and bulk ordering mainly). Finally, if anyone happens to be in the South Florida area Thursday, March 8th 2003 there will be a Windows vs Linux debate at Nova Southeastern University. I highly suggest attending and bringing some Linux-related object to support the Linux group. I know i'll be there with my PlumpOS shirt ;)
Wed Apr 2 07:08:00 EST 2003  
  Started using CVS today (still haven't gotten it all sorted out, but getting there) and updated the site a tad. In the near future you will be able to get the latest PlumpOS CVS (mostly just for bleeding-edge docs and plumpinit.c and such) and apply it to your user-space package for a new fix or feature every now and then. I would like to say that if anyone hacks on the source or makes any 3rd party packages, i'd love to hear about it or possibly get a copy/any changes made :) Most likely if it's a generic feature and is useful i'll post it in the files section of sourceforge.
Thu Mar 27 18:20:47 EST 2003  
  Well, it appears the time has finally come: PlumpOS 6.9 Release Candidate 1 has been released to the world! Completely rebuilt from scratch, PlumpOS now sports a package loading system, cd auto-ejection, updated tools, and a slew of kernels to test (not to mention the new bootloader). Download the ISO from a PlumpOS mirror for a quick test run of PlumpOS or download the tarball to customize PlumpOS by adding 3rd-party packages and kernels (which, with a file size 7.5 times smaller, I highly recommend).
Thu Mar 27 11:05:54 EST 2003  
  Finished HTML updates and uploaded logo. Many thanks to Donna Hawthorne for her fine work!
Tue Mar 18 20:34:01 EST 2003  
  Got most of the HOWTO and website done. Sorry about the bad design ;)

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